RIP Crank Pulley

I love my Subaru (so much so that I signed up for their Subaru Ambassador program several months ago on a whim and recently found out I got in. Free swag incoming!). Like any good relationship though there are sometimes things that come up along the way and require some time and effort to make right. I suppose also when you’re running about 65 pound-feet of torque over stock on a car with almost 150k miles things can happen. This was a new one for me though and taught me a few things!

Basically - The OEM two piece crank pulley separated and the outer piece ate right through the plastic timing belt cover before I caught it. I should have known something was up when it threw the belt to the AC compressor a few weeks ago, but since it was low single digit temperatures for basically that entire time I didn’t bother to dig deeper and kept driving it. I finally investigated when I noticed it getting loud outside the car on startup... Inside you still couldn’t hear it, but my exhaust is pretty loud as well so that didn’t help.


Once I looked at it this weekend it was immediately obvious the remaining belt was only half on the pulley, and I saw plastic shavings everywhere. I pulled the belt and the outer half of the crank pulley just came off with it. I didn’t even know it was a 2 piece, but the forums now tell me they are and I’m not even close to the first person this has happened to. Doh!

Now I’ve got a new timing belt cover and a Grimmspeed lightweight 1 piece pulley coming my way. I’m really hoping the timing belt didn’t get nicked in the process, because if it did it’s going to need to be replaced. We’re closing on a house in 2 weeks and I don’t need to give my wife any reasons to hate my car! My surface assessment is the belt was narrowly spared and I just need to replace the cover and the pulley, but we’ll see once I pull the cover.

Anyone else run a one piece pulley? I know there has been some debate about problems caused by removing the rubber dampening layer, but given that the rubber is what caused mine to fail I don’t think I want to go back to OEM! We’ll see, and I’m optimistic the light weight model might slightly improve things for rev matching shifts.

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