RIP Elantra, you were a good car.

Why must the good die young? You still had over 2k and a little less than two years on your warranty.

Thank you, Hyundai, for giving my family over eight years of trouble-free driving.


**Clarification** I was not driving. I am over 200 miles away. A family member was in a wreck in my old car.

Update: I saw a few more pics from my mom and the sibling who was driving. It’s so much worse than it looks. Front bumper is mangled, hood is crumpled, front quarters and folded up a bit. The crumple zones did their job, but every panel is damaged. I don’t know if any chassis components are damaged, but I’d be surprised if they weren’t. I would be surprised if the insurance opts to try and resurrect it. KBB valued it at around $3500, so I’m confident that it’s totaled.

You will be missed.

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