RIP Ian Hope

I visited this place back in 2005. It didn’t look this good then. I’ve been to a lot of car museums-this one was different. You came up on a very large metal building-you had to honk a horn -a large man with no shoes unlocks the door and greets you with his friendly cattle dog. And for a mere $5 we had the place to ourselves. 40 Morris Minors? They only came in maybe 5 colors-and no real changes year to year. Cabs-yea a bunch of them too. After a 1/2 hour in the place we come to realize this was a shitbox museum. And i don’t mean that in a bad way. If it was in the US, it would be Pintos + Vegas. The farther back you went in the place, the more you had to turn sideways to fit between the cars. (I can see why they are stacked now.)


  We got our monies worth-got a few stories + a private tour. Met an interesting man with an interesting hobby. Time well spent. 


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