RIP Jeep

We hardly knew ye...

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After three years without a vehicle, I lucked out and was able to buy my mom’s one-owner ‘09 Grand Cherokee Limited 4WD for a sweet deal. I’d been driving it for a couple of months now. It had ice-cold A/C and satellite radio. It was my new lease on freedom and opportunity.

Some guy just smashed his Chevy Colorado into it while it was parked in front of my house.


I had a stressful day at work. Our newest guy was training as a cook and right before the rush hit he just disappeared. The restaurant had one of its busiest nights all year and though we were able to pick up the slack, it was far from pleasant. I got off and drove home, tired and resolved to spend a relaxing night at home with a few cold ones.

It was about 11:30 when I heard the collision and went out front to investigate. Strange... my Jeep wasn’t parked where I’d left it. Even more strange was that my neighbors across the street seemed to have left a similar, though very badly wrecked Jeep sitting in their front yard. I started to mutter “What the hel- OH SHIT!” That wasn’t my neighbor’s weird wrecked Jeep. It was mine.


Only after I took a long, hard stare at the lump of twisted metal that had once been my new lease on freedom and opportunity did I realize that there was a wrecked truck stopped in the road just past my house, lights on and door ajar. The parking lights on the truck went out as it started to move forward. “Memorize that licence plate!” I yelled at my neighbor as I ran into the house to call 911. My first instinct at this hour and on this neighborhood street was that the driver may be drunk and could try to flee the scene. Not good.

He didn’t leave, and I was dialing as I approached the Colorado and checked on the driver. He was a younger guy and said he was okay, though he was bleeding from his upper lip a bit and had blood on his shirt. I asked him some questions to gauge his state of mind (drunk, concussed maybe?) and he seemed pretty much with it. He must have apologized a hundred times.


The cop that responded said he wasn’t drunk. His dad came out to pick him up and was very nice, apologetic, understanding; a good guy. His mom ended up driving him to the hospital to get checked out. I hope he’s all right. Our trucks aren’t.

I cried after everybody left.

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