A possible contender, the GLE.
A possible contender, the GLE.
Photo: Mercedes Benz USA

Well, it appears the Jeep Is Totaled.

Since I am going to continue to drive my wife’s hand me down V6 Rav 4 with 200+ on the clock...


She needs a new child hauler.

Our immediate thoughts are:

  • Buy a used 2018 Diesel Jeep just like this one. It was a great truck especially after the tune.
  • Buy something new, I guess.

Sadly, the requirements list is littered with my wife’s needs (WHAT JUST CAUSE SHE DRIVES IT EVERY DAY?!):

  • Seats 5 minimum, prefer 7 or 8
  • SUV/ground clearance
  • AWD/4WD (real 4wd gets bonus points, the Jeep had the OR2 package and we I loved it.)
  • If it has leather seats they must be heated/ventilated
  • Reliable, we’ll put 35-40k miles on a year. We are religious about upkeep but it can’t be in the shop all the time.
  • Life expectancy of 200->300k (See above)
  • Bonus points for the best self driving / drive aid tech (she commutes obviously) so anything that can make it less exhausting (lane assist etc) to commute gets bonus points.
  • Not electric, if gas it must be flex fuel capable (bonus points for being obnoxiously badged as such). If diesel it must not be obnoxiously badged as a diesel and be sold as also a gas model.
  • Must be able to tow 4000 pounds.

What would Oppo do?


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