Farewell friend.


I needed a new mower for the 2009 mowing season, but decided to buy it over the winter so I could take it apart and have some fun with it.

Winter 2008/2009

Over the years, the stress of all those hard launches has taken a toll on the front suspension. The deck was cracked where the front wheel assemblies mounted, and really messed up the alignment.


toe: +5 °
camber: -8 °

toe: +7 °
camber: -13 °


I bought a new deck a few weeks ago (silly that it’s $100 when a replacement mower is $200, but the rest of the mower’s parts have many years left in them)

I stripped the old one this weekend and swapped over all the parts to make sure they would fit the new one, and they did.


Now I can strip the new deck down, remove stickers, and prep it for paint.

I have no idea what I’m going to do yet, but am open to suggestions.

What should new McMower be? Gulf Livery? Rusted hood and stickers? Shark mouthed fighter jet?


Here’s the build of the retired mower.

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