Got this in my e-mail last night:

My channel is currently sitting at 904 subs, but has 5300 hours of watch time in the past 365 days. Its been growing slowly since I started it in 2009, and since I was eligible for monetizing it in 2014 it has earned around $400 total.


That $400 ($300ish that I have received so far) has gone to pay for better newer cameras, larger memory cards, new cards when old ones fail, card readers, camera mounts, and vehicle hardwiring kits. YouTube/Google AdSense only pays out once you hit a $100 threshold, and I am sitting on $76. I’ll probably never see it.

I started my channel because I would see some crazy shit on my 30+ mile commute to work in Milwaukee daily, and I ALWAYS had a ton of footage to share.

Now I work and live in the suburbs, my commute is 6 miles, and I still see dumbassery, but not as much. But I still upload, mostly as a hobby.

Given these new rules, I doubt I will any more. There’s no way I’ll get to 1000 subs by February 20th, and I’m not gonna try. I will keep the channel active, and upload any insane things I happen to capture (though its been a long time since I’ve gotten an accident on camera) but I am done saving clips daily, spending time to edit them, and put them into compilations.


I’m sure I’m one of many many thousands of people in this boat. I feel bad for those starting out, trying to grow thier channel, those who just started making money and now won’t, or were hoping to start making money soon.... It’s going to be an even ROUGHER road in an ever changing landscape of entertainment.

First the #Adpocalypse, and now this.

What are you doing, YouTube?

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