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Rest in peace, Speed channel. Before there was the modern internet, you were my everything when it came to cars. Motorsports coverage, silly build shows, and video magazines - I watched it all. I will always remember the nights I stayed up with you until 4AM just so I could watch the WRC (and I'll remember all the videotapes I burned out recording when I couldn't watch). I'll remember setting myself up with snacks, pillows, and homework around the tv in an (always unsuccessful) attempt to watch the 24 Hours of Le Mans or Sebring start to finish. How fitting it is that you slipped away from us at 5 in the morning. We had our fallings out (dammit, just too much NASCAR coverage) but I loved you. You had your foibles, and you were asked to cater to far too broad an audience. There was no way you could stand up to the advent of sports blogs and online content availability, but you did your best. Be proud of all you accomplished. I'll miss you.

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