NOTE: This car has 124k on it and is not a 2014, to clear that up. It's an 06.

If you were not aware, one day while driving my new to me Forester the check engine light popped up and it was misfiring occasionally. Lucky for me I have a warranty and I figured I'd leave it at the Subaru dealership across the street from my dealership today to get fixed while I was at work.


I got a phone call at 2:00 that basically said "It's not plugs or coils, your valve train is probably burnt up, that is covered under warrant though" Which was good. Then they said "The problem is your warranty might consider this a pre-existing condition and not cover it"


So it looks like I'm sending her back to the dealership tomorrow and getting my money back. Unless they offer to fix everything that is a problem free of charge I won't be able to pay for that kind of repair nor do I want to.