Over the last few months I’ve acquired tons of miscellaneous CDs for next to nothing. Being old, I have no idea who many of the artists are, but I’m willing to listen and learn. Right now I’m just dealing with the ones without cases. Many are scratched up and some didn’t even mount. I found an old Skip Dr scratch remover and found that running them through that machine with a little bit of clipper oil makes them readable.

I’m using error correction to make sure I get a good read. I didn’t realize that iTunes had the capability to import from multiple optical drives at once, so I’ve got both drives in the system running simultaneously in order to speed up the process. Given all the discs I’ve purchased I’ll probably be at this task for a few years. Actually, once I get to the discs in cases it should go quicker since I won’t have to run error correction. Regardless, this is going to take more time than I imagined.