A few days ago I bought a riveter. Just a little hand tool.You can buy one like this for 10 bucks at Walmart with 40 rivets in a range of sizes.

Well the rod in my wife’s closet seemed a bit to long to not have a support in the middle, so I decided to fix that before she stars hanger her close up(we just moved) I had some spare metal straps so that was my go to. In the passed I’ve held these together with an 8mm bolt and nut. It’s a real pita. But I thought this would be a good application for rivets. And I was right! This job took half the time.

If you’re wondering why that looks like a kitchen cabinet it’s because it is. Our room used to be a living room and kitchen. We bought the triplex that we used rent on apartment in, and converting to a duplex. We needed an additional bedroom for my nephew now that he’s living with us, and figured having some rental income would be nice. Got a good deal on the house too, paid about 60% of its estimated value because we bought it from my FIL.