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Rivets. Turns out they are very important.

Here is an interesting article I stumbled across talking about the challenges that Ford will face manufacturing the aluminum bodied F-150. It focuses on the current JLR expertise in aluminum and the challenges that they deal with. Turns out Ford did a lot of the work developing the JLR aluminum production system so they do have quite a bit of experience in dealing with aluminum. How 100,000ish units per year will translate to 650,00oish units per year is for another story though. Link to Automotive News article.

SOLIHULL, England — The humble rivet.

That's what Demos Hoursoglou, Jaguar Land Rover's body-in-white manufacturing manager here, puts near the top of his list of worries about assembling the aluminum body of the Range Rover.

The 2014 Range Rover body uses 17 types of rivets, 3,722 per vehicle. If one jams in a gun or is inserted incorrectly, production stops.


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