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While reading up on Jeep’s proposal to build a Jimny fighter I jumped into a Roxor article, then fell into the rabbit hole of road legalization.


After adding up the cost of actually buying a Roxor, then MAYBE successfully working towards some semblance of being able to drive it on public roads legally, I thought, “What’chu talkin’ ‘bout? Willys!”

I hopped on SearchTempest and got to looking. Just a couple hours away, some fellow in Nashville had the budget alternative I was looking for.

I just can’t justify a side-by-side or Roxor that cost as much as a C5 Z06, E46 M3, E34 M5 or any other (insert your sub $20k automotive dream here). When I’m cruising down the highway and see a Bro Dozer rolling coal with bunch of side-by-sides crammed on a gooseneck, I can’t help but wonder how people have more money to spend on single toys then I’ve spent on actual cars my entire life.

Not judging, not my place, just wondering where I went wrong.

That said, plebeians can have fun too. There’s always game night with the Smiths, matinee movies and old Willys Jeeps.


Couldn’t you accomplish the same thing (and more!) with something like this?

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