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Road Rage?

I’m normally a pretty patient guy, I swear. But when two fully grown men, one of them in a semi truck, decide that a highway on-ramp is the best place to stop and have a shouting match while blocking a line of cars, that patience diminishes fairly quickly.

First, here’s what I didn’t see until after watching the video. The semi truck appears to cut from the middle to the inside lane just before he goes under the bridge, cutting off the white F-250 and possibly even folding in his extended trailer mirror. It’s also possible that the F-250 was behind the semi and cut into the inside to try to pass. I didn’t notice this at the time. Had I seen it, I might’ve been slightly more patient. Both drove a little further after the video ended, then pulled onto the shoulder.


Also, in hindsight, pulling up to where I had no escape route then laying on the horn was probably not the safest idea.

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