It’s honestly like Travis was reading my mind.

I was just thinking about how the ATS-V and CTS-V are basically the M3 and M5 we wanted but didn’t get from BMW. Heck the new CTS-V even gets a Corvette engine just like the old BMW M cars had tried and true sports car engines. Sure the interior could be nicer but that’s not exactly the point of these cars is it?

Then I thought about how it was kind of a bummer that they didn’t use the LT1 in the ATS-V as it would have created a wonderful sports car to luxury performance relationship

  • Stingray engine = ATS-V engine
  • Z06 engine = CTS-V engine

But then Travis posted


And made a solid argument for the TTV6.

Now the only thing that bums me is knowing that this is the last ATS-V and CTS-V. It stinks that these are such great cars and getting good reviews but they’re going to kill off the names and have to start all over again...


The V siblings for your time