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We’ll leave Monday morning EARLY and cross the Sierra on Route 4 via Monitor Pass (Stockton —> Angels Camp —> Arnold) and head down 395 to Big Pine and into the Inyo National Forest, wherein lies the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. This area is immediately north of Death Valley and straddles the White Mountains, directly opposite and to the east of the Sierra Nevada Range. Missus and I camped there together 25+ years go. White Mountain Peak, at 14,246 ft elevation, is the second highest point in California. We’ll camp there a couple of nights and attempt the walk to the White Mtn Peak, which is around 12 miles in a circuit.


On Wednesday, we’ll drive to Ely, Nevada, where we hope to camp at Cave Lake S.P., just outside Ely to the east. In Ely is the Nevada Northern Railway Museum and there’s a 90-minute train ride that we’ll hope to take on Thursday morning.

On Thursday, after the train ride, we’ll drive to Logan to visit our daughter, and have four nights there. The route is not shown, but the bit from I-80 to I-84 is via Utah Rte 30, Oaisis, Nevada to Snowville, Utah. Stop at Promontory, Utah, on the way, and see the Sight of the Golden Spike.


On Monday, 7/15, we’ll head north out of Logan, passing through Melad City, Idaho, on the way to Lake Cascade SP, north of Boise.

Tuesday, we’ll drive to Redding for a night in the Motel 6 — since the temperature is likely to be 100+ degrees — passing through Alturas, California, along the way. The far northeastern corner of California is territory I’ve never seen and have always been curious about.

We’ll have 8 nights in the pop-up trailer. Length of the circuit appears to be around 1,900 miles. I’ve just done a bunch of work to the van, and the trailer has new tires.

Should be an adventure!

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