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Road trip!

I’m helping my sister and her husband relocate to CO, and phase 1 was flying out to Illinois and road tripping back here with her car. Her husband will be moving out a little bit later, and didn’t want her to drive out alone.

The car is a rental spec 2015 Mustang Convertible. Pleasant enough cruiser, and still a looker. She’s had it for 3 years now and really enjoys it, so I don’t judge the automatic and V6.


I drove the bulk of the trip, but my sister drove through the first 3/4 tank. Unfortunately, about 15 minutes into our 12 hour excursion, we had a minor inconvenience that could’ve been much worse. On I70 somewhere in the St Louis area, we were in the left lane, passing traffic as one would hopefully do when in the left lane, when we noticed an object flying over the concrete barrier. A ball/hitch assembly came bouncing at us, and we both kind of held our breath bracing for impact, but hoping it would miss us. It didn’t. It ripped a large hole in the side wall of the driver’s side front tire. Thankfully, that was it, no wheel damage, no body damage. We were able to traverse the four lanes of traffic. I unloaded the trunk and got the spare tire on.

Fortunately, we happened to get a flat within about 2 miles of a National Tire and Battery store, and they were able to take us immediately. We swapped a new tire on, and continued on our way, losing almost two hours, but thankful that the damage wasn’t worse, and that our location allowed us to get it fixed quickly.

The rest of the 800+ mile trip went without incident. I will say, it’s been a while since I’ve driven a car on the highway. Even tiny little SUVs/crossovers seemed gigantic. And then, after driving the Mustang and getting into the 4Runner, I left like I was driving a monster truck. Ha.


It did confirm for me that my next fun car will definitely be something older that needs to be tinkered with, even if it’s not a car (Wrangler, C10, whatever). It’s more than just the driving that’d entertaining to me, the garage time is equally important.

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