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Road trip advice needed.

Greetings Oppo, I hope this post finds you in good health, and with all your head-gaskets intact.

Three of my friends and I, two of whom are fellow enthusiasts, are looking into doing a major road trip come next August, or the spring after next. This event would be kind of our last hurrah as high schoolers, before we all move on to wherever it is we do. Planning is still in early stages, myself and one other have been brainstorming ideas. Every one of us is involved heavily in a range of activities, so we have decided to begin planning early. Our two proposed routes are as follows:

Keep in mind we will be new adults, and money will naturally be tight. We have all agreed that we could each contribute up to $300 for all costs (food, gas, lodging, maintenance, etc), and have decided on a 5 day maximum trip.


Route #1 East Coast


1. Exactly none of the four guys participating have been to the East Coast.

2. 45 hours driving time leaves a fair amount of time for adventure.

3. Between the four of us, we have relatives/family friends living on the route that would be willing to accommodate us.



1. There’s not really much going on between Iowa and Pennsylvania.

2. The area between Iowa and Ohio has been frequented by two of us, and is familiar.


Route #2 West or bust!



1. Once you’re through the midwest and Eastern Colorado, the land is beautiful.

2. Mountains.

3. Ocean.

4. Home to my two favorite National Parks. (SEKI and RMNP)

5. Contacts willing to house us in Denver.


1. You have to get through the midwest and eastern Colorado

2. Longer, therefore more expensive

3. Less contacts out west, more need to spend money on lodging.

Finally, what tips, tricks, and advice do you have for four cash-strapped teenagers who want to see the U S of A? Any experience you have that could help make our lives a little easier?


Waterfall in SEKI for your time:

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