We head to LA for Radwood today. We will be leaving a little later than planned. It has been storming, and I want to let things dry out a bit as the sun is trying to come out.

I am really looking forward to seeing some of you California Opponauts at Radwood. We can be the dorks having the kind of fun the cool kids will never understand. Plus, you can chill with Toby. He tends to get overwhelmed at these things, and may have to spend some time in the car to collect himself. Let’s talk TVR with CaptDale! Who’s going to buy that GTO? Jake, it is way better than the Mazda, and some Oppo could drive it to you I am sure....

He greeted me warmly last night when I got home, which was nice. My wife says he is not himself when I am gone.

TVR Griffith for your time:


The Griffith is a tribute to Jack Griffith, who would have been Carroll Shelby if he had been more sophisticated in both engineering and business. Jack built the Griffith Griffin (Series 200) on a chassis from TVR:

Later in life, Jack and his son built Sunchaser conversions for Toyota in SoCal and Florida, which is why the Sunchaser has griffins embossed on the interior body panels.


See CaptDale? Our automotive obsessions are in the same family. I always knew you were good people.