HORRENDOUS driving conditions. Dell yuge rain and a 30 knot cross wind.

I decided to obtain a used engine for rebuilding purposes for my ‘71 GMC van. I was offered this freebie ‘62 that started life in a Chevy C-10 pickup. The engine had been sitting in the guy’s garage for TEN YEARS and even has its own slick little homemade cart. I took the day off and drove to Sacramento very early this morning in my friend’s pickup (Dodge Durango V8 Magnum, drives very nicely) and picked up the new (old) engine. I get pro points because the weather SUCKED and I got SOAKED loading and unloading it, but I spent an hour on the phone with my dad during the trip.


In case you’re interested, the rebuild will get a Comp Cams 260H cam, 307 V8 pistons that are crowned and give you about 0.9 of a compression number, an old school Offenhauser intake manifold, a Holley 350 CFM two-barrel carburetor, and an exhaust manifold intended for a 292 inline six from a Massey Ferguson combine. And whatever other upgrades my guru prescribes.