Road trip planning.

As is usual, I am being irresponsible. I sponsor a “retreat” for an ag association that is in San Diego this year. No, I do not give them enough money to get my banner on their website.

So I have to go and rub elbows. As a perk, I am flying two of my lawyers down there. I am not the worst boss.


I am using this as an excuse for a Sunchaser trip with Toby, and am leaving a day early to take a full day to make a drive of it. Right now, my plan is to take Hwy 58 east out of Bakersfield, around the Grapevine and through the Tehachapi Mountains (past UFW HQ in an abandoned sanitarium in Keene) and then South on Highway 15. Then I think I am going to do one of California’s greatest roads, SR 74.

It is also known for being one of California’s most dangerous roads.


I last did it in a rally in 2017, and I think I need to do it again. It is so cool, especially as you climb above Lake Elsinore. (Home of the Lake Elsinore Storm).


If you SoCal Opponauts have not driven this road, you should. The one downside of this route is it dumps me back onto 5, but that ends up being s nice stretch along the coast as I role into San Diego. I think this is the plan.

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