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Road trip planning

I will be driving the Alltrack to LA in what should be inclement weather Wednesday. I will be in a horrific mediation Thursday, and will return Thursday night or early Friday. Friday, I pack up the Sunchaser and head for Sonoma with Toby.

The challenge is that I want to take a scenic route to Sonoma through rural stretches of the San Joaquin Valley, then through the delta. Driving through the little towns of Isleton and Walnut Grove along the levees is not to be missed. Here is an idea of what I have planned:


The whole trip is about 5 hours straight through, but I want to feel free to stop to take photos and let Toby run. O figure the odds are low that I will be able to depart from Fresno by noon. The sun is setting about 6 pm these days, and I don’t want to arrive after dark.

Should I save the scenic route for Sunday when we are on out way home?  The direct route is about a 3 hour highway drive.

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