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Road Trip Playlist Suggestions

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I've got a three hour road trip coming up on Friday afternoon, and I'm working on a playlist for it. Lately, I've been in a throwback mood, and this playlist is going to take me back to high school, with songs from bands I used to listen to all the time way back in the day.


Bands on the list so far:


Goo Goo Dolls

Eve 6

Violent Femmes

Smashing Pumpkins

Foo Fighters

Nine Days


No Doubt

Spin Doctors


Blues Traveler



Counting Crows


The All-American Rejects

The Presidents of the United States


Sugar Ray

Bowling For Soup

Barenaked Ladies

The White Stripes

The Verve

The New Radicals

Smash Mouth

The Black Crowes

Matchbox 20

As you can see, generally a mix of Alt Rock, Post-Grunge, Ska, Punk Rock, and Indie Rock. This is going to be my awkward high school years all over again, this time with with a good ten years of hindsight and wisdom thrown into the mix.


Any other suggestions? Try to keep it in the same general genre mix, and if you have a specific song that you like, by all means throw it in the comments.

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