Road trip through the ashes

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This was, by no means, the worst of it along the Bells Line Of Road in the NSW Blue Mountains, between Bilpin and Lithgow.


The bonus self serving moron in the Audi Q7 just after Lithgow was delectable in his conformance to stereotype. I giggled for hours after his juvenile performance.

He was so good that he made forget about the other selfish parasite in pastel cotton surfwear with his inability to queue politely at the fuel station this morning...vehicle of choice was a pristine purple Ford Everest Titanium. So that’s another stereotype developed.


Honestly, if living in the City means that you are cockblocked into being a self serving juvenile twat driving a vehicle that is really not very good for city living but does stroke the perineum of your ego, then I hope to Huey that you stay there...

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