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Road Trip Today!

Went to Boston. Seent a couple cars, only got pics in a few cases:

Salty but not apparently rusty (yet) 90's Camry wagon

What’s this, a Subaru with a COEXIST bumper sticker? Say it ain’t so. Actually not the reason for the pic...

But why would you put a sticker right in the path of your rear wiper?

What is the deal here, this is some kind of loyalty program I think? Ugh. I love Subarus, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t care how many YOU have had in a row or what you do with your fine vehicle.


Then this gem:


Pretty sure there was no “SS” Yukon XL. But hey, those racing stripes look GREAT on your barn doors, there.


I had a barn door 2001 yukon xl. 10/10 would own again. Maybe not this one. 

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