Road-tripped to CT over the weekend, picture dump

Braved the frigid weather for an impromptu drive up to Connecticut. Went from South NJ up to Bridgeport, New Haven, Mystic and various other places over Fri/Sat/Sun.

Great beers, great coaster. Two Roads Brewery
Worst picture of an Outback Sedan and my salted rig.
More delicious beers, except for that Ripe Pineapple one. Stony Creek Brewery
Happy to see this out and about in 0 degree weather. Front end works pretty well as a snow plow.

Got to race at what they say is the largest indoor karting track and ended up setting fastest time of the week. Paid for it with sore shoulders and back the following day. Racing a track with changes in elevation and electric karts was quite the experience. Unfortunately they have a throttle safety cut if the back of the kart gets a little too wild.

Track 1
Track 2
Had a Korean BBQ pizza with kimchi here, didn’t want to leave.
Look at that overhang!
Top-notch IPAs at New England Brewing Co.
Bonus Doggo
Stopped by the aquarium, this guy was psyched to see me.
Mint. Anyone know the name of this green?

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