I fought the hog and the hog won. My S4 was the victim of a Javelina (a wild hog native to Texas) after cresting a rise Sunday night after doing some driving in the Davis Mountains earlier in the afternoon.

Bashed the radiator in at the bottom passenger side so all of the coolant leaked out rendering it undriveable. Got it towed to Odessa, while I had a rented Explorer for field work had to settle for the Camry my insurance would cover to get back to Houston. Got estimate and check on the way for $5k in parts and labor and it’s heading back here to Houston on a flatbed tomorrow. Thanks to my dad’s Navy service I have USAA which has made this a lot less painful to deal with than it could have been.


Too bad because it ruined what was a great driving day with some great scenic views, and I had originally planned to drive the Twisted Sisters outside of Leakey, TX on the way home. Would not have been the same in a Camry so I passed.

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