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Roads to Drive

There are certain roads near me that look fun, but I have not had a chance to drive yet. So here is a quick list of a few of those roads.

1.CA 33

Pretty much useless for everyday traffic. They made it back in the day to better connect people, but never became popular enough to get made into a mega highway. Usually pretty deserted it twists through the hills nicely.


2. CA 9

A fairly out of the way piece of road, California Route 9 was created by joining together two previously seperate roads. Now on the Scenic Highway System, it is popular in stretches with motorcyclists and that pesky bicyclist. Friends from the bay area say its worth the drive. Especially for the view from the 2600ft peak look out

3. CA 96

This is just a very pretty road through a National Forest, 3 Indian Reservations, and contains the Bigfoot Scenic Byway. While I don’t believe in Bigfoot, this is the area with the quote, “most Bigfoot sightings in the country.”


4. CA 74

Otherwise know as Ortega Highway and Palms to Pines Scenic Byway, this road takes you from the coast to the desert. The Ortega Highway section has a pretty decent reputation for taking out motorcyclists and drives traveling at overly exuberant speeds. Unfortunately this road can get pretty packed with people commuting, traveling, or out to catch a nice piece of road in their favorite fashion.


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