Roadside repairs

Ok so not roadside. Just the parking lot at work. Fuel line coming down from the petcock valve ruptured in multiple places (old rubber). Had to slice it off and shorten it up. The petcock valve doesn’t work so I hooked up the battery overflow tube to the valve so that fuel wouldn’t spill all over. Still lost a bit. Anyway. Had just enough line to be able to get the line reconnected. After I get off work here I’m gonna see if they have extra fuel line. If they do I’ll just replace it. If not, I’ll run it gone as it is. I would like to clamp it but I’m worried of damaging the old line while pulling it off and having nothing to repair it. (I could cut off the battery overflow in a pinch and use it). I enjoy it though. Fixing stuff is part of the adventure of having an old vehicle.

Edit: will try to order a petcock valve tonight.


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