Met up with a fellow Oppo yesterday to pickup a couple of oil sample kits and he got the first taste of breaking the car due to mods. After a recent supercharger install for the track car and a trip to the muffler shop to make the custom exhaust not sound like shit, he immediately proceeded to break the car on the way home. With a loud POP after leaving the parking lot and constant stalling/terrible idle, we pulled over to see what broke. Thankfully I had a decent set of tools in my STi and some lights so we could sort it out enough for sure to make a 15 minute drive home. It ended up just being a hose that popped off that was easy enough to clamp back on and tighten. While investigating though we discovered the headlight held in solely by the electrical connections! No clips or anything, not even the bumper or hood hold it in. Suprised that didnt fall out! Bungee cord also from my trunk though saved the day.

Back at his house, we got to the oil sampling.

I just liked this photo of my dusty engine bay because his Pixel 3 takes such good night shots. The only lighting was the street lamps which surprised the hell out of me to see such good lighting in the photo. My own potato photo left something to be desired...

At least with flash its visible but just looks like garbage and washed out anyways.


Anyways, off track a bit here lol. We were taking an oil sample just to show me how to take one. I need to get an oil sample from the Miata to help confirm my likely rod knock issue. If the sample comes back positive for heaps of metal in the oil, it is pretty obvious that it is a major problem as expected. I will also send in the STi sample just to baseline the car and help me for future diagnosis if a problem should ever arise. Oil extraction through the filler tube is pretty neat anyways, I might look into getting one of these pumps and just change oil that way all the time.


Bonus photo of some silly lighting that made us chuckle. Merc badge shadow on the car made it look like the perfect ricer mod that some idiot would do.