RoadTowel Rescue

For a little over a week now, my neighbors have been talking about the towel.

“Is anyone going to pick it up?” and “How do you think it got there?” are among the questions they ask.

They all initially thought it was a dead animal, then eventually realized it was just a nasty, wet towel.

It’s been laying in the middle of this road around the corner from our street, and has been there for at least a week. Everyone (not just my neighbors, but all 75 homes in this part of the neighborhood) has to drive by it daily. Not to mention the other parts of the neighborhood that use this route for walking/running, etc...


I know they’ve seen it.

Last night on my way home, I picked it up the poor, wet, discarded towel and took it home.


I washed it, dried it, folded it, and put it back in the street this morning.


Waiting to see if anyone is puzzled by it.

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