Roadtrip advice needed

Rare Alfa TZ Prototipo picture for your time:


Me and three friends are planning a roadtrip this summer (start and endpoint in the netherlands, rest isn't planned yet). Two of us are mechanically adept. To add some 'adventure' to said roadtrip we were thinking about buying a very cheap car for the roadtrip, and then reselling it afterwards.

Secondhand cars from the early 90's are cheap here due to tax reasons. As cars here are expensive to own, the marginal cost to step up from a 90's car to a 00's car are minimal, which means ~500 euros can net you a running, driving, high mileage example of a mid-size car from the early 90's. This includes Saab 900s, Ford Mondeos, VW Passats, Volvo 940s and even Alfa 155s are cars that are feasible. So that would be the crop of cars to choose from.

Now I haven't done a lot of research into this, but can anybody here tell me it would be either extremely stupid, or a genuinely good idea.

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