Roadtripping the MR2

Got an invite up to the Murry for a few days with my parents and brother. Couldn’t say no.

Nothing interesting happened but I live in the city and so rarely get to take the MR2 into the Australian countryside. My family called some parts of the trip boring, meanwhile I’m pulled over taking pics. It’s all good.

Typical Australian countryside. Just out of Echuca
Typical POS R33. Looks to be resorted in Bayside Blue. In Moama
My brother’s Commodore. I really like it. Good looking car, end of an era.

What else.

No cruise control but the MR2 soaks up kays and is tremendous fun. Meant to make a post recently where I froth about it ImmortalMinority style but I haven’t got there.


My parents have a Ford Ranger to tow their caravan. Turns out you don’t need a 6L diesel V8 dually to tow big stuff, don’t tell the Americans that.

I picked up some nice sunburn on the way, 3 hours no roof.

Saw 2 Mitsubishi 3000GTs, I reckon I’ve seen 5 in my life. One on a car carrier north of Melbourne on the Hume, one in Wallan or something at a mechanic.


Went to some local breweries, got some local beer, good stuff.

Saw some BNS items in Heathcote, might get a pic on the return journey.

Aluminum stubbies. Not even a great idea but had to have a go. Good at the pool where glass is banned.

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