So, last week three eastern european guys committed a series of robberies in the north-east of Italy, running around in a yellow Audi RS4. And for a bit in the wrong direction, on a highway, too. Reports say it ran at around 270kph (168mph) on a different occasion too. Probably not on an underpass and in the wrong direction, though.

Eventually with their escape runs they caused some considerable traffic mayhem which resulted in a woman losing her life in a crash.

After the event the italian Polizia sent two Huracans patrolling the roads of that area, but earlier today the poor RS4 has been found completely burnt down. The criminals are still missing.

Here’s the video of the RS4 running hazards on in the wrong direction, plus some pics:


And these are the assholes:


(also yeah this is my first post on Oppositelock, i hope i did okay)