As preparation for his first attempt at a full WRC season in a car he's never driven before, ex-F1 driver Robert Kubica decided to win a round of the European Rally Championship. Which he did. By a comfortable margin.

Here he is on the final stage, displaying maximum commitment. The fog makes it very difficult to see what's ahead. He doesn't slow down. He runs wide on one corner and clobbers the driving lights, which causes one to thrash around, partially dazzling him and his co-driver. He doesn't slow down. While trying to switch off the lights, he mis-hears a pacenote and spears off the road at high speed. He still doesn't slow down, just steers back onto the road, slicing under a couple of picnic table canopies as he does so. He wins the stage and the rally. The end.

If you think you're fast, skilled and mentally strong/deranged enough to be a WRC driver, you probably aren't.


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