Robert Kubica on rallying, Formula 1 and much more

This is specific for rallying – having certain information I have to wait a year [to check it]. On the circuit that's different, because you are in exactly the same place within a minute and you can verify how it is. All the question marks, riddles or doubts are resolved much quicker. Here you have to wait a year, and even then you don't know if you can check your data, because you don't know if stages are going to be the same. This is why it is easier in circuit racing to get the experience, which gives you possibility and comfort to fight for the top, much sooner than in rallying.

Full interview, conducted by Mikolaj Sokol of, in English here. If Polish is your language of choice, the original interview is here (three parts, follow the links on that site to get to pt. 2 & 3).


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