Robert Wickens (Indycar)

I know a few of you guys follow Indycar and already know what’s going on. For those who don’t, there was a giant accident at Pocono on Sunday, and Wickens was helicoptered to a hospital with numerous fractures (both legs or ankles, right arm, thoracic vertebra).

It shouldn’t really affect me but I’m really struggling to concentrate on work. I keep telling myself that in his condition it’s going to be really hard to analyze the extent of spinal cord damage, especially if he’s been drugged since he accident. “Ok Robbie, wiggle your toes! Oh yeah, your ankle is broken, never mind don’t try that.” But it may turn out to be the worst case scenario.

Sorry guys. Once upon a time I had a similar injury and while I’m totally fine now I guess I’ll never stop replaying the stupid things I did that could’ve changed that (helpful hint, don’t try to walk off a broken back). I’m trying not to fixate on this but my god it’s hard. Save me from myself! 



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