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Rock and roll. Not the good kind.

Driving to work this morning. Running late. Not enough to worry about, but still.

Go to pass a slow-moving semi on the highway (four lane divided). Following other cars.



Semi throws a rock at my poor 6's windshield. There’s a tiny chip now. Going on lunch to have it repaired at a local auto glass shop. I don’t trust the flimsy do-it yourself kits on the shelf at Walmart.


This isn’t the first time I’ve had a rock or something hit my windshield, but it is the first time it left a visible chip. I certainly don’t want it to spread and lead me to have to have the windshield replaced on a 2016 car.

Illustration for article titled Rock and roll. Not the good kind.

Pic for your time.

Just needed to rant.

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