“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
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Some updates on the supercharger idler + tensioner fiasco!

When I wrote in complaining about it, I said that I’d ordered the tensioner... but I hadn’t. I was actually waiting for a bit to see if I needed anything else from RockAuto before pulling the trigger.


Then it went out of stock.

So I bought one from a Jaguar reseller. Who then sent me this email:

Good morning, I have updated your order with the correct part for your supercharger drive belt, Looks like its a little bit cheaper as well! We should see your part in 2-3 business days; At the time we receive your part it will be prepared and shipped out. Should anything occur that changes the provided ETA you will be notified with the reason and the new ETA.


So... what does that mean, exactly? Because it sounds like you’re sending me a belt, not a tensioner.*

*Edit: This paranoia is because at least one parts finder was converting all supercharger parts into the belt. Don’t know why. Also these people were bad with words, seemingly using belt, pulley, and tensioner interchangeably.


So I called them.

But the guy was out to lunch.

But the tensioner was back in stock at RockAuto!

But I should wait to see if they got back to me.

I never got the answer as to what they thought they were sending me, but ultimately they said I needed a new tensioner, idler pulley, and bracket because Jag did some sort of update. Parts total was $400, which isn’t... unreasonable, but I already had a idler on order so I told them to cancel and I’ll call back if I change my mind.


Ok, RockAuto it- damn it out of stock again.

At this point I’m researching how to replace bearings or pulleys directly, rather than the whole assembly. Since I don’t have the tensioner out yet, I gave it a go on the idler pulley...


After hours of work I find a replacement pulley that has the exact dimensions of mine, it just lacks a small metal insert that should be trivial to swap over. Better yet the part is in stock locally, so if I buy it and it doesn’t fit I can return it!

Now that I have this new superpower... the tensioner is back in stock at RockAuto...


So... do I wait until the world finishes ending (we’re getting more weather), pull the tensioner and see if I can find a replacement bearing or pulley, or do I pull the trigger?

Oh... wait... nevermind. Out of stock!

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