I was randomly singing this today and had to share. INTRO IS HARDCORE!! (set pacemakers accordingly). This was back when you needed your car to transform into a flying surfboard in order to defeat your father’s stolen computer-brain turned evil cyborg criminal.

Jack Hollister - Skysurfer One, weapon was a laser sword
Mickey Flannigan - Crazy Stunts, weapons were electrified-whip shooting pistols
Kim Sakai - Sliced Ice, weapon was a freeze-blasting sword
Nate James - Air Enforcer, weapons were fucking missiles and arm mounted rocket launchers and shit!
Brad Wright - Soar Loser, weapons were assorted boomerangs

Gosh, it’s weird looking back at the 90s. The music is from the season 2 intro and outro. Images are the season 1 opening. Enjoy my childhood!