Rockstar parking

Today I parked in what may well be the best non-reserved parking space in my whole office parking garage. It is a fantastic space that I ended up in completely by accident, so I had to document the occasion.

On my way to work, I was talking on the phone with my wife, who is in Wisconsin for a few days visiting her mom and other assorted family members. I got to the garage, but wasn’t done with the conversation, so I needed to find somewhere near the garage door that was out of the way of traffic, so I could keep the call from dropping. I pulled into what I later realized was this parking space, not sure of whether it was actually a space, but it was at least out of the traffic flow.


Mid-way through the call with my wife, I realized, why yes, this is in fact a parking space, and it’s not reserved, so I would only need to straighten my car out in the space and not re-park elsewhere.

The garage at my office has 3 entrances, and I always use the one on level P2. The level directly below the lobby is P1, and the lower down you get the higher the P_ gets, down to P5. This spot is very close to the P2 side entrance. Just out of the frame on the right is the back side of the elevator room. This means there will be a very short drive to the exit, and also a short walk between car and elevator. Optimal.

But an optimal parking space is not exciting, you say? True! In and of itself this is not a particularly notable experience. But wait, there’s more!


That’s right, the space is fully encased on all sides with no possibility whatsoever of door dings, and has low head clearance thanks to the massive HVAC ducting that runs directly above the space. Ooooohhhh, caution tape.

(Now that you see how this space looks, I will admit that I did an Austin Powers multi-point turn to eventually properly orient my car within the confines of this parking space.)


I was thinking as I got here that I really don’t want to move my car at lunch, because then I would have to give up this spot. But I just had a “hey where is everybody?” conversation with someone and I’m pretty sure I’m going to bounce back up home to Maryland during lunch time and work from home for the afternoon, instead of wait out the whole day here and then get stuck in traffic on my way home. Because it’s Friday in August and super nice out and yeah! I have to do stuff, but I also will be at home and not my stupid annoying office.

UPDATE: The CEO just walked over to my neck of the woods as I was having a non-work-related chat with my friend over in payroll. I cut it off before he heard what we were talking about, but there’s a thing that needs doing and the person who would normally do that thing is on a camping trip, so looks like *I’m* going to do that thing.


There’s already a meeting that was originally scheduled for 11:30 and now pushed back to 12:15 “to accommodate schedules” in the big conference room.

And...another person from another department just went over to my payroll friend, and before talking about whatever they came to talk about, they said, “it’s so lonely over here, it’s like a ghost town,” and then commented that morning traffic today was light. Which was true! But in the evening it’s still going to be traffic, just maybe less than usual.


So much for bouncing home at lunch time! I will definitely go get me some good lunch though.

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