Learned two more things about Neutron (the Buell) after riding him for three hours straight...

1) The seat doesn’t feel bad anymore. I think I just needed to break it in. I do recall the PO mentioning that the seat is recent.


2) STOP fueling the bike when the pump clicks off. If you don’t, the vacuum line at the top of the tank may get blocked by fuel and the bike will not idle. It’ll die every time you stop. If you do fill it to the top, it takes 30 miles to get idle to return to normal.

Other than that, I had a blast! I kept trying to go home, but found myself chasing Groms and hitting back roads instead. Before you know it, three hours passed!


The one thing I want to do to this bike tomorrow is adjust the idle. Even when the fuel isn’t too high, it feels like the idle is like 100 RPM too low.

More adventures await!