It’s only a little over a month out, and other than Daender, is any other Oppo going? It’s January 26&27 if you didn’t know. If you haven’t made reservations for a place to stay, I recommend the Drifwood Beach Resort in Ormand Beach. It’s small, but very clean, and at least our room(Daender and I) was updated. Super cheap too, and right on the beach.

Other recommendations would be to come the day before, bring a small backpack with maybe two compartments(entry becomes much easier if they don’t have to search many pockets), don’t close the doors on the display Corvettes(cough, Daender, cough), don’t try to bring in an umbrella, get a parking pass if they are still available(probably not), prepare for any weather, just go get your car when you want to find a restaurant, etc.

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