Roll call!

How many of you have lost “friends” over this election? I’ve officially been deleted and blocked over my non-support of Donald Trump. I support him in that he is now my President, but I dislike him and his general platform.

Anyway, I was accused of being a “Hillary supporter” (I’m not - I didn’t like her, either) and told that this former friend of mine just “cannot associate with people like that.” She said that by going against Trump, I silently supported Hillary Clinton.


We started to get into an argument over it and I just finally said “agree to disagree” because it was about to get ugly and I didn’t want that for either of us. She said I focus too much on the “love” message of Jesus Christ (yes, I am a Christian - PLEASE don’t turn this into a religious debate or anti-religion thread) and not on the fact that I need to not overlook the sins of others. Last I checked, it wasn’t my job to condemn others. Thank God.

Sigh. When did someone’s opinion become a reason to stop talking to them?

Have an MR-2 for your time.

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