Hey y’all, seemed like there was plenty of interest in a South East Oppo Meet!

Current date of choice is June 3rd in Nashville, TN.
First Saturday of the month exotics Nashville Cars and Coffee is Massive, Lane Motor Museum has the basement open for even more uniquely incredibly car access, and it’s probably not going to be too dang hot yet.

If the group is big enough, we might be able to get a discount at Lane, which is already cheap at $12 per person.

Check out the prior post for more details of what we’re looking at doing:


Looking to get some numbers and contact info. If you’re interested in coming, shoot me an email SEOppoMeet@gmail

It would probably be helpful to know your name, oppo handle, where you’re coming from, what you’ll be driving, and if someone is coming with you.


If you’re interested in helping organize in whatever capacity, let me know!