Roller Derby Chick Rides a Vespa with a Sidecar

In Denver plays a team of raucous women known as the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. At least two of them are Vespa fanatics, so much so that they've put their team logos on their scooters. What drew me to them was the sidecar. I only had my iPhone, so the pictures aren't what I would like, but they're worth a look.


The model on the left is a 150 Super, likely built between 1967 and 1979. The 150 Super was probably one of the most popular Vespas built. The factory produced well over 500,000 models. The scooter on the right is the 125 Special. It's likely built on a similar frame, just a slightly smaller engine. I'm not sure I would have sullied them with stickers, but they are beautiful machines. It's difficult to beat Italian design and flare.

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