Rolling Deep In The 2015 Infiniti Q70L

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Urban Dictionary- Rolling Deep: When a group of people are walking or chilling together. Usually described for gang members. When people are rolling deep YOU DO NOT MESS WIT EM OR YOU WILL GET YOUR ASS BEAT.


Ok, so maybe I wasn’t rolling deep in the Q70L, so much as I was driving lots of my friends around to various functions during my week with it. If you messed with us you would likely get some dirty looks thrown your way, perhaps a stern talking to.

The thing is, if you’re driving a 2015 Infiniti Q70L, it’s unlikely that you’d get messed with in the first place. The car just has this presence that commands respect. It’s intimidating, sculpted, it’s badass. Yes, we are talking about an Infiniti here. All my tester needed to really make me feel like a total boss every time I got behind the wheel was some dark tinted windows. If people can’t see you and can’t see your crew, they’ll let their imaginations run wild.


Maybe Drake is in there, Drake is everywhere these days.

I could see Drake driving a Q70L, after all he is from Canada and Canadians are humble folk. I think that might be the coolest thing about the Q70L, it looks, feels, and drives like it’s way more expensive than it is. My test car rang in at just a hair over $60k and it was fully loaded. That qualifies as a bargain in my book and if you’re in the market for a long wheelbase luxury sedan, you have to give the Q70L a look.


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