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Convoy from L.A. to Las Vegas after new years. Hit 100 mph. Phantom was the front door, I was in the rocking chair, CTS-V was the backdoor. Barely stretched the rubberband.


Yes I have a CB in case that lingo didn't give it away. The RR wanted to haul ass, so haul ass I did. The CTS-V dropped the hammer too. We had others jump in and out with us. Traffic was shitty half the time. Makin right lane passes, back ups on semi passes etc.

Pretty damn cool to see that much money going that fast though. We stayed together for a good 2.5-3 hours and made damn good time. No cops, pretty much never are though.


Don't think the guy was getting chaufered either, looked like he just wanted to get his party on in sin city.

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