My Rolls-Royce pic last night contained a Grey Poupon reference. Which reminded me how funny the newer remake of that commercial is, so I decided to show it to some friends during our "free time" at the end of class. They all thought is was hysterical, but my teacher didn't, because she walked up behind us and took the computer (in the middle of the video!) and sent it to the dean's office. When I went in after school to ask the dean's secretary about it (I have never been to the dean's office before) the dean called in from his room, "Are you the Grey Poupon kid?" He had opened the computer to check if I had been doing anything particularly bad, and had watched the commercial. "Good choice in videos," he said, "but bad timing," and handed my my computer. Nothing more. He obviously didn't think my offense was worthy of sending him the laptop, and he had a sense of humor about it. I'll try not to hold it against my teacher. Maybe Grey Poupon gave her food poisoning once. Or maybe she got hit by a Rolls-Royce as a child. Either way, have another Roller: