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Ron Burgundy reviews the shit out of the Durango glovebox

These new spots from Dodge featuring the 2014 Durango and Ron Burgundy are fantastic.

The latest iteration of Dodge's SUV is a great vehicle; looks good, handles well for its size, hauls 7 people, tows things and can be had with a strong yet fuel-friendly V6. But even with an impressive resume, the Durango just doesn't sell in high volumes.


This is partly because the previous generation of Durango was, well, a joke. It looked like it was carved from a block of cheese by the same person who thought the Dodge Nitro was a good idea and the interior was more laughable than the exterior.

Frankly it wasn't competitive or desirable, both of which were a result of a lack of product investment from Chrysler's previous owners.

While the new Durango is a much better product, like not-related-to-the-last-one better, the SUV lives in the shadow of Chrysler's real cash cow sport utility, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, a pretty damn good SUV too.

Hopefully this ad will help stir up a bit of awareness for Durango and drive foot traffic into local Dodge stores.


Here are a few more funny spots:

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